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Watermark tool



  • Terrance Geissler

    The user guide is out of date with regard to the watermarking tool. It is no longer located on the export recipes menus. There is only an option to add the watermark tool to the exposures group. The new functionality makes it very difficult to view what the actual watermark will look like with out going back and forth from exposure to export menus. Am I missing something?

  • FirstName LastName

    It is still in the export recipes menu, it is third from the bottom, above metadata and summary. 


  • Kai Chinn

    I'm wondering why the watermark is not allowed to go smaller than 25%, it's too big for my images and draws too much attention and way to big.

  • Pedro Arrechea

    When exporting a group of photos (JPG) in a batch with the photos cropped differently (as needed) is there a way to make the watermark proportional to the photos exported automatically? If I position the watermark for one photo, in other photo in the same batch the watermark will be too big or can not see it.depending on the crop applied to a photo. Please don't tell me I need to adjust the watermark for each photo in an export batch!!!!


  • Philipp Neuffer

    Will there be an answer from Capture One regarding the question of "FirstName LastName" regarding the batch processing? I have the same problem and it cuts the watermark off, when some of the photos are cropped in. There need to be a solution...


  • Dallas Gerbrandt

    I just spent 8 hours editing horse show images. 80% of that time was spent exporting each image individually because I need to resize the watermark and have it placed in a different location on each image. While I am working next to a photographer that just uses a brush layer to add hers anywhere on the image, and in a uniform size while editing then exports them all at once.  and she is done in a few hours. Would be nice to have something changed in the next version because I can not take this long every day of a show. 

  • adwerk photo

    To make the watermark have the same size I have made an export setting that downsize my image to eg. 3000 px i width - then the watermark is the same size but I would also like to have a dynamic scaling 

  • FirstName LastName


    As originally installed, Capture One may not be displaying these options.  If you're not seeing anything like the Watermark options in this article, do the following: 

    Go to the Export page as described. Go down to the outermost, lower left corner of the Export screen and click on "Show all options."  This will open up a bunch of options, including the Watermark option described in the article.  

  • EricS.

    ⚠️❌  "You can add both text watermarks and graphics-based watermarks" => WRONG!

    This is currently text XOR image, both can't be applied.
    Please vote this feature request: 


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