A list of bugs that we're aware of, and some that we need help reproducing.

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Mac: Paper size cannot be selected in Page Setup window
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Some images don't get imported from a cloud collection Implemented
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Mac & Windows version 16.3.5 crashes when trying to open DNG files created from Nikon Z8, Z9 or Zf. Implemented
3 votes 18 comments
Mac - Watermark is not changing color and font. Implemented
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When cloning variants or importing including adjustments, AI Masks may be empty Implemented
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iPhone/iPad - Fuji cameras cannot establish connection.
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Capture One can't read Adobe deNoiseAI DNG files since 1.6 to 1.7 update Implemented
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Capture One Express 16.3.2 Workspace broken with an empty tool panel Implemented
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Mac: AI Background Mask is cut if the image has been rotated In the works
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Stitched panorama and merged HDR files give either magenta tint or wrong color cast. Implemented
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Using AI Select along with Subject/Background mask will make the Layer unsavable in Style Implemented
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Color shift towards green when importing DNG from Topaz Sharpen AI Implemented
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White Balance Tint slider is set to max value when Canon R8 files are merged with HDR tool Implemented
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Mac: Files exported from Capture One to iCloud become hidden in macOS Sonoma Implemented
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Mac: Importing/moving images and folders to NAS through Capture One doesn't work In the works
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Ricoh GR IIIx images lose options of the “Curve” menu Implemented
3 votes 14 comments
Mac: Selected Style is forgotten after every import Implemented
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Win: When Custom Style/Preset has Light Falloff, it is applied roughly 5 times Implemented
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Win: Hang while using Luma Range Implemented
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Capture One Live: star ratings and comments get lost when more than one shared link is active Implemented
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Win: Can not open RAW images from Panasonic Lumix G95D and FZ-330 Implemented
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Win: Some catalog albums appear empty after reopening Capture One Implemented
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