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An overview of Catalogs


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  • Jerry C

    There seems to be some confusion about what is in the cocatalogdb (database) file located in a catalog package. If I open a database file, Capture One will attache the information in the Adjustments folder and proceed to regenerate thumbnails and previews. While doing so, it shows all of the images in the catalog even before they are regenerated. If I open the db file from my 64000 image catalog, all of the thumbnails in low resolution are immediately viewable. This implies that the database has some version of the images or grabs them from the referenced image files.

    It seems the database is not large enough to house images, so it would seem more likely that the database is a relational database with pointer to some data files as well as metadata related to adjustments. 

    I know the database is viewable in some database apps, but I do not have one, so could you comment on the basic structure and contents of the database file?



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