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Upgrading a Catalog



  • FirstName LastName

    Lily - just updated to Big Sur from Mojave (new install) and loaded Capture 20 as before and I get this message when attempting to open my catalog from Capture 20 (that was running on Mojave):


    The catalog was saved with Capture One and cannot be read by this version.


    Any ideas?

  • FirstName LastName

    sorry - just fixed it myself - there was a further Capture 20 update and that was able to use my catalog :)


  • Steve Houston

    I now own C1 20 Fujifilm and I want to take a look at C1 22 Fujifilm Express.

    I get the message that my C1 catalog must be updated.  Will my C1 20 still have access to my C1 catalog after updating?

  • Adam Hockey

    This did get me on the right track, BUT... Would be exceedingly helpful if you put this warning FIRST!: "Please note that after upgrading Catalogs/Sessions, you won't be able to revert back, so we recommend to make the backups just in case you would want to use those again in the previous versions of Capture One."  Following your order of instruction had me negate this fact by the time I got to the notice of inability to revert back.  Poor form Capture One!  Also, this instruction page does need some additional updating, since version 23 behaves a bit differently.


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