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Upgrading a Catalog



  • FirstName LastName

    Lily - just updated to Big Sur from Mojave (new install) and loaded Capture 20 as before and I get this message when attempting to open my catalog from Capture 20 (that was running on Mojave):


    The catalog was saved with Capture One and cannot be read by this version.


    Any ideas?

  • FirstName LastName

    sorry - just fixed it myself - there was a further Capture 20 update and that was able to use my catalog :)


  • Steve Houston

    I now own C1 20 Fujifilm and I want to take a look at C1 22 Fujifilm Express.

    I get the message that my C1 catalog must be updated.  Will my C1 20 still have access to my C1 catalog after updating?


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