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  • floyd millar

    Hello, I have had capture one (windows) since version 11 . 
    One persistent issue i have had is that when i save print templates 
    the only thing that appears to be saved is the layout itself , meaning that 
    any custom print profiles , even the associated printer will not be reflected in the 
    saved template.This is the reason i have not been able to move entirely from 
    lightroom as it does this brilliantly even with multiple printers. I am hoping that there
    is something i am missing as i would love to only use capture one. I am told this 
    doesn't happen on Mac . 

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  • Thomas Obutz

    Agreed. The template does not seem to save the printer setting. Usage is a bit of a nightmare - you need to configure everything from scratch, as printer, paper size etc is lost. The template should be the first selection option, it should save all printer settings - selection, print quality, paper size etc - and when reopening the dialogue should default to the last settings used. I managed to work through most of the differences to Lightroom, but this basically makes printing completely unusable. 

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