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HEIF/HEIC file format



  • Alessandro Michelazzi

    Got my Fujifilm X-H2 last week and I'm surprised to find out that there's a first post from two years ago asking to implement Heic/Heif 10-bit support and there's still nothing in Capture One Pro... Hope for some update soon...

  • Tim Trautmann

    8 months later… Support for 10-bit HEIF would be nice.

  • ThomasH

    I found the support: per $10 for Lightroom. Sorry, this person is back with Adobe...

  • Miles Crist

    please capture one, give us 10-bit color HDR (1000nits brightness on apple displays) in HEIC/HEIF format for export. adobe has HDR output as a technology preview, it seems strange that even your new iPhone and iPad apps don't support this!

  • Roman Ožana

    Right now I am export all images to TIFF and then convert them using sips to HEIC format... here is my alias for that

    # Convert all images to HEIC
    # usage: toheic *.tif
    function toheic() {
      for i in "$@"; do sips -s format heic -s formatOptions 80 "$i" --out "${i%.*}.heic";done

    Will be nice to have HEIC support directly in Capture One. Is there anyone at Capture One team who can handle that? We are waiting almost two years for that

  • Jean-Paul Le Gal

    It's a shame we need to wait such a long time for something quite simple ! at least the import ...
    A software like GIMP is free and allow to import my Fuji Heif since a long time.
    Maybe a reason that would not be technical?


  • Randy Kirk in using, say, Avid as a business model? Hmmm..

  • Joseph Holmes

    Capture One 23 Pro does not recognize the HEIF files from my Nikon Z8.


  • Klaus Jäger


    when can captureone export files in heif format?

    At the moment i use jpeg for export raw pictures.

    What I see more and more is that heif is much better than jpeg. You see more details.

    My TV can heif (Samsung), my handy can heif, windows can it with codec.

    Jpeg is not more up to date as picture format.

  • David

    After years, we still couldn't get Sony's HIF files to read?

    This article is only about the photos taken of the iPhone (HEIC), the Sony HIF format is not read. When do you plan to update it?

  • David

    I found a solution! 💡

    Open HIF (Sony) files with (Mac), exported to HEIC format.

    Capture one will read your HEIC files generated. 

    Cheers. 🍻

  • Joseph Holmes

    Yes! This works perfectly with HEIC/HEIF image files from my iPhone 14.

    Great discovery!

  • Michael Kefeder

    Please understand that will convert your 10bit HEIC/HEIF files from iPhone or Sony to 8bit per channel only, so while this trick allows opening by capture one, it's not what I'd consider proper support of that file format or more useful than conversion to jpeg. It should be able to be used for colour grading and HDR images, where 10bit makes a huge difference.

  • Joseph Holmes

    Very good point...

  • David

    @Michael Kefeder

    You are absolutely right, but I use the HIF format as a backup in the second slot, in the first I use RAW. I will only use HIF files in case of loss of RAWs (which is very unlikely, but it can happen)

    I saw that the version loses 10bit, that's why in Sony I set HIF to 8bit.

    Let's say it's a "half solution", until C1 finds a way to import HIF files, that's what I'll do.


    C1 has not solved this problem in years... I think there are patents or rights, because even adobe does not allow it. There will be things we don't know. For example, Apple reads all compressed files, hif, heif, heic. While C1 or Adobe NO, they only read HEIC produced ONLY from iPhone.


    Mystery. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Michel BONHOMME

    A quand la prise en charge des HEIF 10bits de Fuji ?


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