Let us know how we can improve the forum, or provide any other feedback you have regarding the Capture One community.

We value your feedback Pinned Featured
1 vote 29 comments
Make it easier to request technical support
0 votes 0 comments
label for locked threads
0 votes 2 comments
Forum view should retain the sorting selected by user
3 votes 1 comment
Own votes should be visible on Community posts Implemented
3 votes 13 comments
Grammar issure with the Chinese translation on the main page
0 votes 1 comment
Feature request - some improvements to bundle similar requests
1 vote 15 comments
Please remove the "FirstName LastName" default name from forum signup
6 votes 21 comments
Joining the Capture One Community does not work with the Firefox browser
1 vote 13 comments
Purchasing Capture One
0 votes 2 comments
Website error
0 votes 2 comments
Wrong time on latest webinar invitation
0 votes 1 comment
More a qustion than feedback
0 votes 1 comment
Make a Reddit for CaptureOne
1 vote 6 comments
Incorrect annual price on website
0 votes 5 comments
Missing Submit button on post-download page
0 votes 1 comment
Filter Feature Requests Logged
4 votes 11 comments
dead forum and community?
-1 votes 2 comments
Rules for the community – let us know your thoughts
-1 votes 43 comments
C1 Need some improvements fast
5 votes 4 comments
C1 Activation System is Good
3 votes 3 comments
Problems signing in to the forum with Safari
0 votes 8 comments
Allow us to opt back into newsletter
1 vote 4 comments
Don't make me re-login every time I want to use the forum here
9 votes 16 comments