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The Browser modes



  • Brandon Price

    Is it possible to assign the browser labels (Off, Edit, Status) to a keyboard shortcut so you can easily go between the three of them? I seem to have found it in the keyboard shortcuts settings, but it doesn't appear to being doing anything after I set it.

  • Lily

    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Make sure that you select the custom keyboard shortcut set, then enter the desired keyboard shortcuts, make sure that they are not used by other tools/features, and double-check whether the label is changed in the main menu View -> Customize Browser -> Labels when you use those.

    Please refer to this article as well -

  • Boris Tomsic

    In the Browser, I want to show only the images that I have edited.
    I see that in the List Mode I can sort by a choice of various fields, and that edited images are indicated with an icon in the Status column. However, Status is not in the drop-down list of sort options. What is "Processed"? I tried sorting with that but nothing happened.
    Best regards,

  • Boris Tomsic

    never mind, I just discovered how to find all the edited images in the Browser
    (typical, been trying for ages, then find it 1 hour after sending the message above)

  • Andy Miller

    I am running a Mac Studio Ultra with 2 XDR Pro displays. I have capture one 22 pro (build running in a dual screen mode and am struggling to have the Browser with folders etc and thumbnails on one screen and the selected images with the tools visible at all times on the other -- I do not appear to be able to turn off Auto Hide Mode. 
    As you can see from the screen shots all I get is the Browser with tools etc on one screen (lets call this screen 1) and the working image but with auto-hide tools on the 2nd screen.

    How to I get folders and thumbnails (the browser) on one screen AND tools/workspace selection and the active image on the other??


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