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  • Iannoel Mondragon

    Is there a shortcut we can create that will easily toggle between Grid View and Filmstrip? So far, all I can find is Viewer On/Off.

    I'm looking at an option wherein I can switch from Grid View to Viewer + Filmstrip on the bottom, much like how I used to do it with Lightroom.

  • Lily

    Hi Iannoel,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Currently, there are no such shortcuts for switching between the Browser modes.

    However, there is a couple of similar feature requests related to this functionality.

    Thus, I will also forward your suggestions to the Product Management team for further consideration.


  • Mark Salik

    Hello, I cannot find the option to change browser default sort in Windows (Capture One 21). I have the viewer 'zoom with scroll wheel' check box but then no browser default options.

  • Ana Tavares Marques

     Olá, é possível colocar a barra do navegador em baixo em vez do lado direito? 


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