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  • estes53

    You need someone new to your app to proofread your articles.

    I am trying to follow your instructions and am getting nothing like you are describing, but the instructions assume that I do and just move on.

  • Barry Justice

    I'm having the same problem as estes53 but have been a Capture One user for 12 yrs.  When I click the multi view button the browser stays the same is does NOT change to multiple thumbnails as you show.  The only way I can get a page of thumbnails is to drag the browser thumbnail side bar over towards the tool bar.  Then when I have that view if I click the multi view button it stays the same and I have to drag the browser bar edge back to the side of the monitor to get my large view back.  It's been like that for years from version 7 up so is this just a Mac thing like so many other features.

    Also your sign in button on this page is dead.  I had to go to Capture One main page to sign in


  • SFA


    If you hide the Viewer the Browser tool will expand to show more thumbnails.

    The Viewer window used to have 2 buttons, one for single view the other for multi-view. It is not one toggle button.

    If you only have one variant selected no matter which way the toggle is set, you only see one image.

    If you have multiple variants selected in the Browser the toggle should make a difference to the number of Preview files you see.

    If in multi-view mode the viewer will show up to 12 images If you have more than 12 selected you will see 11 plus a message about there being xxx more to view.

    If you select between 2 and 12 the concept of a "set" is available allowing you to move through the current available images (according to filters, etc.) in "blocks" of what ever group size you currently have selected. 


    This is in line with the article above as at the time of writing this post.

  • Barry Justice

    Thanks for your quick reply.  The instructions above are somewhat confusing as it sort of insinuates that one can toggle between the two with a click of the button.


  • Phrank

    Hi, is it possible the change the info in the lower left below the image. i never really needed most of the EXIF these meta data – creation date + time would be usefull. I would like to see geo data, camera model and of course any IPTC meta data.

    If that’s not possible yet, will ask for another "feature request";-)

  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Phrank, 

    Thank you for your comment.  

    I'll be sure to forward your suggestions for geodata, camera model, and IPTC metadata to our Product Management team as something to consider in a future release.

    Hopefully, your feedback contributes towards a future version of Capture One. 

  • Phrank

    @Maryna. Thanks. I'm happy that you are reading the comments.

  • Morton

    I would like to add camera model to the bottom left info section, as I frequently shoot with multiple camera models. Knowing which camera sensor the images comes from can sometimes be helpful when batch editing lots of photos coming from different sensors with different characteristics. And also to learn how new cameras behave differently (AF hit rate, and so on). It is tedious to have to switch to the metadata viewer to look this up all the time. It would be great if this info section could be made user definable, as I'm sure other peoples needs differ from mine.

  • FirstName LastName

    Hi, I would really love to see my camera make/model along with some more metadata right under the image viewer. Currently, it is too limited to my liking. Please provide the users the option to select what they want or not!


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