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Can I save images to a memory card when tethering?



  • Zach Scheffer

    Why not give the option to record to media while shooting tethered. If you offer it in Enterprise Edition then there is no excuse why you wouldnt offer that to all users. The excuse use to be that it was the camera manufacturers fault on why you couldnt save both to card and tethered. 

  • Brian Carlson

    What Zach said.

  • Nick Lawrence


  • kitmin lee

    I agree with Zach.  Am a professional photog. With C1 Pro - My GFX100s saves to the memory card but my sony A1 doesn't.  It's a key feature all working photographers need.  It should be available in the Pro version!

  • Marc Wetli

    +1 What Zach said.

    The workaround via EOS Utility to Hotfolder works to some extent, but I'm always annoyed that I pay for annual upgrades for software that simply denies me such a compelling option.

  • Wilson Barry

    I agree. I don't always need the fastest tether speed. Sometimes I just need to see the image on the back of the camera.

  • Antoine Lippens

    Well to begin with, C1 does not even allow you to shoot unless you remove memory cards. This is happening with Canon 5dsR since one or two C1 versions ago : C1 refuses to detect camera unless you remove all memory cards. As I said in another post, it is HIGHLY uncomfortable as on a job (at least in my case) you will often move from tethered shots to hand-held shots, for example from still-life using a tripod to hand-held details. Having to carry and insert/remove memory cards all the time is inconvenient and risky. This would NOT happen in previous versions of C1 (prior to v21 or v20, can't say).

  • Sara Bradley

    I totally agree. I switch between tethered, and grabbing the camera to get something hand held away from  the main set and it freaks me out to have my images scattered across the laptop's hard drive, and the sd card that I have to keep putting in and out. This seems so basic!

  • Viva Habbit Van Assen

    Wow! this is ridiculous all you want is money fix this problem I don't carry about the speed I want the back up on my camera and all you want is more money.

    I'm a Fuji shooter this never was a problem with my old Nikon boy oh boy fix this problem and stop asking for a new update every three month.Pathetic 

  • FirstName LastName

    I agree, this is SUPER annoying.

    It would be fine if it was a selectable option with a tick box (Save to card & capture folder or just capture folder).

    Often if shooting small/medium RAW or JPEG for previewing it would not slow things down at all, especially cameras that tether via USB-C. Most of us have very fast PCs or Macs.

    For large raw files the box could be un-ticked to return to saving to the capture folder to speed things up.

    The single reason I use C1 is for tethered shooting on 35mm cameras, the images then go into PS for editing.

    Please fix this. At least give the option for goodness sake.

  • b k
    To get your photos both in the camera (on SD card) and transfered to C1 you need to select "Save to SD Card" in C1 and select USB TETHER SHOOTING AUTUSB TETHER SHOOTING AUTO in your GFX camera.


    I saw that with Capture One 22 you can Save to card & computer when tethering (Canon) but when I try this with my Canon 5D MKIII it won't give me that as an option. Is this a matter of my camera not being supported because it's on the older side, or a matter of settings I can change to make this work? Do you have a list of Canon cameras that are compatible with this feature?

  • Walter Rowe

    Lily .. the Nikon Z9, Z7ii, and Zfc all three seem to support writing to camera and computer. In the Capture One Tethering panel under Camera Settings, the Media selection must be set to "Card and SDRAM". It works with cabled and wireless tethering.

  • David Turner

    Some cameras have the ability to save images to a memory card during the tethered shoot though. Those are Sony A7 III/  A7R III / A9 and some Fujifilm cameras, dependant on individually adjusted camera settings.

    As a Sony a7III user, it would be very helpful if the "individually adjusted camera settings" were shared with us. Capture One presumably knows them or they wouldn't have written the sentence that way.

  • Scott K. Brown

    I just updated to Capture One 23, and am shooting with a Nikon Z9. I have the camera set to shoot RAWs to one card and JPGs to another. Is it possible for capture one to only tether and pull down the JPGs/JPG card?

  • Alain Franklin

    Updated to C1 23 and still not able to shoot tether + sd card on Canon R5

  • FirstName LastName


     I just saw how to write to both Capture One (computer) and a memory card at the same time while tethering!!!! This has always been a hesitation thing for me switching completely (??) to C1 as often on location it was not convenient to "connect an external drive" as it was recommended in the past.

    I'm so happy about this. I also figured out how to pre - create folders inside a single session catalogue and how to save files directly into individual folders. I have a corporate shoot coming up so now I can easily create each individuals folder before the shoot and quickly and easily switch between / shoot into each persons own folder.
    I'm so happy about these 2 "new" features / figuring these out!

    Camera  Canon 5D Mklll using SD card

    Thanks team!


  • FirstName LastName


    One thing I just discovered re the above post is that if the tether connection is interrupted for any reason the camera will not "re-connect" with C1 as there are "too many images on the card". Thats a bit of a let down. If no connection issues - great! but if so does this mean I have to insert an empty memory card into the camera and reset all the settings?


    Not sure what happened / I did but it did eventually reconnect. Took awhile as the article did mention this. Scary as there were only about 10 or 12 images and it took quite awhile. Can't imagine how long it would take with a few hundred!

    Oh well - still great to be able to do.

  • Josh Bustos

    I love this feature, it definitely gives peace of mind knowing my images are recording to the memory card and my computer.

    My problem is that when the camera is disconnected and reconnected, the setting defaults back to writing to computer only. Having to remember this multiple times on a busy shoot day with so many other things happening is a drag. Can we get a way to save camera settings in the session or overall so that it's not another thing to remember and distract from shooting?

  • FirstName LastName

    Can you shoot tethered and to memory card on Nikon D850?? I was able to do this just once and now the option to shoot to the memory card is no longer available. Am I missing something?


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