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Activation error: The provided email does not match the email in your customer profile



  • Bernd Gossler

    Dear Ms. Lily,
    I had a problem changing my email address in my account.
    I have 3 active email addresses:,, and wanted to change the original address to
    That did not work and used the third address
    Unfortunately I don't have access to my account.

    Can you help me please and restore the origin?
    Thanks a lot.

    My license for Capture one 20 (for Sony) is from January 2020, 31th

    Sincerely yours

    Bernd Gossler

    Imbuschstr. 4, D-90473 Nürnberg


  • Lily

    Hi Bernd,


    Thank you for your comment.

    I have submitted your request to the Support Team.

    They will provide you with updates on the case soon.


    Best regards,


  • Mauro Manca

    Ich habe einen neuen iMac und kann mich nicht mehr einloggen. 

    Könnten sie mir Bitte helfen?


  • Dominique Visocchi

    Dear Ms. Lily,
    I had a problem changing my email address in my account.
    I have 2 active email addresses:, and I would like to change the active product I acquired to

    Unfortunately I can have access to my account on but I can't see or update the product I'm using. When using the Gmail account I see the product key but obviously can't change any product.

    I acquired a yearly subscription back in August this year.

    Can you help me please and ?
    Thanks in advance.


  • Lily

    Hi Dominique,

    As far as I see, you have a Capture One Fujifilm subscription tied to your gmail account.

    Meanwhile, you use another e-mail for FastSpring.

    Please note that subscriptions cannot be upgraded like perpetual license.

    Please let me know whether you want to change your subscription or do you want to use the same e-mail for both FastSpring and license key activation?


  • Peny Pujiati

    Dear Ms Lily,


    I had a problem activated my license online & manual. my email is 

    every time I put the license code and my email always :

    The provided email does not match the email in your customer profile

    what should I do? I need this active as soon as possible. Thank you




  • Konstantinos Sfitis

    Hi Lily,

    I have the same problem as described above by Peny Pujiati. My email is:

    Every time i try to activate the product i bought e few hours before, firstly the activation ptalform cannot locate my profile ( no matching profile found check the spelling or create a new profile etc.) . I create the profile and then i get the message ''Could not create profile. Try again later'' . 





  • Peny Pujiati

    @Konstantinos, Indeed, I just renew the license through my account which I already had for years, yet still with online activation no matching profile found, is it server error or something?

  • Peny Pujiati

    Hi Konstantinos,


    Mine is already activated!! I wait for support to email me back, but none. So I tried to restart, and re-download the software, and keep entering my email (for like hundred times), then it just okay, my email profile match the name! I think its the server error or something. now we know that customer support capture one won't help fast even if we put our comment here.



  • Konstantinos Sfitis

    Hi Peny,

    Thank you very much for your response! I will do the same and hope for the best.. Half of the day is already lost... It seems like its buyer to buyer support and works better than ''customer support''. I am switching to other editing software after the subscription ends. A software with real customer support.

    Thanks again,


  • Robert Hoffman

    I have same issue--------    I have 2 email addresses, old account and new account I purchased today perpetual license.    Correct email to activate  I can get into my original account, that is useless, tried to update email, no go!  Said the new email I am trying to change is already taken


    Again, need to use the to get my new perpetual license download!

    Please advise!



    {"message":"Unable to activate account"}
  • FirstName LastName

    Hi Lily, 

    I have set up a new MB Pro, tried logging in to my C1 account and got rejected, saying that my license key doesnt go with my account. ( same email adress, i guess this is a common issue ). 

    Could you please check my case and link with me for a new license key, i got a lot of work to do.. 


    Thank you so much! 

    best regards 


  • jonathan pitts crick

    I am trying to activate Capture One 20 on my new MB Pro and it said "activation failed due to an unknown error"

    I tried manual activation but it says I should enter my registration key into the online web form but there are no directions to find this form.  And the "help" does not help at all. This is a most user-unfriendly site...

    Why does this all have to be so complicated?


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