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  • Hans Habereder

    when are we going to be able to save and export slide shows???? It really limiting me.  I have to go back to lightroom to do it because I cannot find a way to do it in capture 1.  This is a real deficiency if it is not able to save and export slide shows.  .  Without this I may have to go back to lightroom.  Please advise when this will be available in capture 1 pro.  thanks


  • Lily

    Hi Hans,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I will forward your suggestions to the Product Management team for further consideration.

    Meanwhile, please check the Web Contact Sheet option.

  • Irene McCullagh

    Yes please make it a savable slide show.  It would be great to export it and have it on a USB drive to use in presentations, without having to run C1 just to show a short slide show!

  • Mark Wyche

    I have been wanting a saveable / exportable slideshow which can be viewed independently of C1 application for a long time.  This is a major deficiency of the program for me and my workflow.  A web contact sheet is a completely different thing.  Please provide this feature.

  • Lawrence Coleman

    I see no way to change the order of photos.  It seems one is limited to the order they appear in the browser.  Unless I'm wrong, this is a major deficiency.  

  • Stein Tronstad

    The slide show option is greyed out. Why?



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