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All about perpetual and subscription licenses



  • Andrew Bridges

    Please bring back MDM activation for enterprise, this is a serious oversite. Have 15 photogs all using 15 workstations... that is a lot of activations.

  • Tarun vishwa

    Hello Lily,

    Why don't you have customer care number where one can interact directly in case of emergency...? Usually any kind of query has firstly taken 4-8 days to get a revert, by the time you revert with your second takes 15 days...which is not a practical way of handling complaints. I have sent a query today on "Submit a request" let's see how many days it takes to resolve my query..It hampers our productivity with this kind of speed of revert.

  • FirstName LastName

    hello, i just bought capture one 22 pro for 209 usd,but when i downloaded the software it was the express version and it lacks layers, masks, advanced color editor tools. please help with this. thanks.

  • FirstName LastName

    i bought the perpetual license for capture one 22 pro for 209 us dollars recently, however, what i received was capture one 22 express fujifilm (subscription). please help me. thanks in advance.

  • Kai Strüber

    Hey Lily, I just bought a previously owned Phase One P30 Back for Hasselblad V. Unfortunately the software key was used by the previous owner. Where can I get the Software for Digital Back and how can I unlock the Software if only Capture One Pro is available?

    Thank you very much. Greetings from Germany.

  • Igor Kantzler

    My Capture One 21 doesn't work. Where can I find a technical support?

  • Ivan ​

    I have a big issue with the subscription I just purchased and in particularly the following statement

    Annual prepaid When you choose an annual-prepaid subscription plan, it means that you will be charged the indicated amount once a year. The first payment is done at the moment of purchase, while ongoing payments will be made on the date specified in the Next Charge field while your subscription plan is active. 

    This is not at all correct and unfortunately it is what I was lead to believe when I logged in to check out the Black Friday offers you had. I had a choice between upgrading to the latest Capture One 23 perpetual license + styles for £179 or a annual pre-paid subscription for only £89 + £92 one off paiment for the styles (actually there were two other choices, 4 in total, but these weren't discouinted) which worked out slightly more expensive than the Capture One 23 perpetual license + styles at £181. I was going to go for the pepertual license + styles offer (which I actually came for, but I couldn't work out why the subscription offer was more expensive. After ages trying to to get my head around this, and consulting the FAQs I stumbled upon this article among others which indicated that I will be "charged the indicated amount once a year" which I took to mean that the anual pre-paid subscription offer I received for £89 would renew each subsequent year and this would explain why it was priced more or less / slightly more than the perpetual license. Hence against my better judgement I decided to go for the subscription, which I generally dislike, and to my horror I discovered shortly afterwards that the renewal for the next year was not £89 as I was expecting but double.

    To me this is dishonest advertisement which tricked me to opt for the subscription I didn't really want and I feel utterly disapointed, cheeted even. I immediately tried to contact someone about this, in order to have this corrected, but there are not contact details anywhere on your website. I ended up sending a request via some webform (ticket has the ID number 165840 & ID number 165847) but I would much rather speak to a representative in person about this to clear this mess up ASAP

    Why are there no support contact numbers anywhere? So frustrating.

    In any case pleasse escalate this and have this FAQ updated as it was one of the reasons I mistakenly took the subscription offer together with the missleading marketing; instead of displaying £89 for the pre-purchased annual subscripton + £92 one off payment you should clearly indicate that the £89  pre-purchased annual subscripton is discounted for a limited period only i.e. one off discount for this year only, similar to what you did for the one off payment for styles which you did specify clearly, so that it is completely clear what we are being asking to sign up to.

    Thank you and I wait to hear from someone shortly I hope.

  • Steve Houston

    Ivan, I totally agree with you. I've tried to determine what the price would be for subsequent years in the past and always came up empty, and, as you point out, it seems to be impossible to discuss this subject with anyone at Capture One.  I'm sure this is intentional.  Capture One is trying to suck us in by giving us the chance to misunderstand how pricing will progress in future years. Shameful marketing practice for a company like Capture One.

  • Ivan ​

    Steve, I really don't understand their thinking behind this but all I can say is that other competing brands seem to be way more transparent as far as their pricing is concerned and I've never felt like I was tricked into buying something that turned out to be something completely different. For sure this experience has already left a bitter mark with me as far as subscriptions in general are concerned and I really should have know better and trusted my gutt instinct, but the price comparison caught me off guard in that there is no logical explenation why the perpetual license + styles would be slightly less expensive (only a couple of quid, but still) than the equivalent subscription and the only reason I could think of is that the offer was for a reduced renawable fee of £89. I really feel stupid now, especially since I went to the upgrade page to get the perptual license in the first place which was offered at a much better deal!

    PS Oh and the other thing I forgot about is that the subscription which was reduced to £89 also had "best deal"  next to it which obviously isn't true either. Ach! Silly me 🙄

  • Ivan ​

    UPDATE: Just to say that Capture One Support has come back to me and dealt with the matter fairly, thank you, since I reported the issue promptly in a timely manner which they probably appreciated and I didn't actually use the new product. Oddly enough I no longer see the same perpetual license + styles deal I was offered previously, but I'm satisfied with the turn around and resolution, especially since they are probably inundated with requests at this moment in time.

    Going forward I will be more careful not to repeat this situation and I will probably ask Capture One to clarify anything I'm not entirely sure about. I advise everyone else to do the same. However, I also still think they should look at their own wording more carefully and remove any ambiguity in order to come across more transparent going forward.

    At the end of the day Capture One is a great product and the team also provide loads of great content/streams etc which I am greatful for, they just need to iron out all the little things.

  • Brian Carlson

    The thing that really pissed me off was how you recently had some seemingly great promo offers THEN came out with this news (I had 21 and they had an offer before 23 was released where you could purchase 23 but get 22 in the interim). Say all you want about needing to make more money, competition, wanting to offer updates more immediately, blah blah blah. This most recent promo just seemed maniacally deceptive and greedy. C1 has never been great about adding new Raw camera support in a timely manner (see Z9) and I’ve found you customer support to be unresponsive with a tone of snarkiness and irritability at my questions, but this takes the cake. 

    side note: this is probably a good time to close the comments. You’re going to be responding to complaints for a while. 

  • John's Photography Stuff


    I downloaded a trial version for 30 days, and about 2 days into the trial I bought a license.  I can't find a way to add my license to the trial version and don't want to lose my sessions or work flow that I have created during the trial period.  How do I add my license key to this software so it is recognized as a licensed version?



  • WSGO

    How can i buy capture one for my customer??, is there any option to buy in b2b? kindly guide

  • christophe glaudel

    I'm fed up three times a day (and sometimes buying session coverage) they ask me to connect and give my credentials to check the license what is this story I don't have time to relate to This. The system exaggerates in addition only one computer is informed about the license while I have several it is scandalous to ask the same thing all the time


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